Tuesday, April 7, 2015

Experiences In Israel: 11/01/14-11/14/14


I want to start off by giving thanks to the Lord for the trip made to the Holy Land last November (my first time!). It was such a blessing, and I feel that I can’t describe exactly/accurately what it felt, being there. I’d like to share one of my experiences in the following text…

{“AMI Group!” hollered our tour guide, Daniel.
“We are going to the Western Wall!”
I felt my heart stir within me. I was finally going to see a place I had only heard of and seen in pictures. It felt so surreal. Like a dream.
We arrived at one of the entrances and had to go through security check; they opened our bags and had us go through a large metal detector. When everyone was finally checked, we proceeded. The men went to the left section, and the women went to the right.
We put on our coverings and walked over to where there were already several women praying and reading their prayer books. I remember one particular woman crying with the book on her face and constantly kissing her beloved Book of Prayers. It was incredible being there, realizing that we both were praying to the same Almighty God.
I found a spot to pray in the middle of the women’s section. As soon as I touched the Wall, I felt as if an electric current had went through my entire body. The Lord’s Divine Presence was so strong and tangible, that I just couldn’t hold it in. Tears started streaming down my face as I put my hands and face on the Wall. I looked up and saw thousand upon thousands of rolled-up petitions in the wall and scattered about on the floor. Pictures of loved ones sticking out of the cracks. I reached into my purse, and took out the petitions I had received from some of my loved ones in the U.S. I found the perfect crack to fit them in and cried out to the Lord, asking Him to answer according to His will. To hear the cry of His people asking for these petitions.
In the background, I could hear the rabbis praying and crying with so much fervor and an intensity so great. A couple of men began to sing in Hebrew. Tears streamed down my face. I felt something that I had never experienced before in my life, something so beautiful, and peaceful.
I felt a tug on my jacket and looked down. It was one of the little girls in my group. We had to go. I felt disappointed that we had to leave so soon. Time seemed to fly when we were there.
We walk backwards, reverent and careful not to turn our back on the Wall, where God’s Divine Presence dwells day & night…}

I thank my God for this experience, and for the trip as a whole. It was something that really & truly impacted my life. The trip also made me so much more grateful for the Lord’s marvelous grace in allowing us to be “…grafted in among them (God’s Chosen People), and with them partaking of the root and fatness of the olive tree:” (Romans 11:17)
I pray that all who read this will be encouraged to take part of the upcoming 2015 Israel Trip, in November/December.
I ask that you please remember me in your prayers, as I need so much more of God in my life.

God bless each and every one of you.

PS (you might recognize this from my article in the Maranatha. It's the same exact thing, but written in English instead of Spanish.) I pray that this blesses you as you read it.

Jasmine <3


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