Sunday, September 22, 2013

Heart/Wardrobe Check!

-Do I have a humble view of myself and a high view of God?
-Do I avoid promoting or advertising myself?
-Am I free from extremes of behavior and personality?
-Am I grieved at the thought of offending God or causing someone else to sin?
-Am I appropriately reserved in speech, or do I talk too much?
-Do I always have to be the life of the party or center of attention?
-Am I free from showiness and ostentation? (being forward, arrogant, aggressive, controlling)
-Am I appropriate in behavior?
-Am I appropriately reserved in the way I dress?
-Do I wear "respectable" clothing? (1Timothy 2:9 "respectable" means orderly, decent, not causing distraction or temptation.)
-Is there writing or pictures on my clothing that emphasizes certain parts of my body? (If someone were to look at me, where would their eyes go naturally?)
-Is the fabric that I'm wearing too sheer? (Could someone see through it to certain parts of my body?)
-Am I wearing tight, form fitting clothes?
-Am I wearing anything provocative?
                      -Nancy Leigh DeMoss

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